Appreneurship: "Everything You Need to Make a Killer App" by Kerry Butters, John Waldron, Matt Whetton

Everything You Need to Make a Killer App: Your one-stop guide to making an app and doing it successfully (How To Make and Market an App) - Kerry Butters, John Waldron, Matt Whetton

Published March, 2015


If you start having the following symptoms that means you're coming down with a case of Appreneurship: You can’t stop thinking about it as you fall asleep at night; your mind comes back to it when you know you should be concentrating on your day-job; you get distracted watching Blade Runner on TV.


As soon as the idea to create an app pops up in your mind, there's no letting go until you build it. If you haven't got any idea how to get started, this book is for you:



Planning an App

Business Plan

Working out the costs

Outsourcing Development

Building the App (essential tools to go about the business of creating Apps)

In-App Advertising and monetization

Supporting and Updating the App

Resources available on the Internet (e.g., AppTrace, etc)


It covers all the App markets available (Apple AppStore, Google Play Store, Blackberry, Amazon AppStore, and Windows Store).As everything worth doing in life, it pays off to be prepared...



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