A Man’s Obsession with First Folios: “Collecting Shakespeare - The Story of Henry and Emily Folger" by Stephen H. Grant

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Collecting Shakespeare: The Story of Henry and Emily Folger - Stephen H. Grant

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(The book was published on February 8th, 2014; review written 27/06/2015)


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Published February 28th 2014.



Shakespeare has been in the news lately. Not only are his plays constantly being performed, read, analyzed, and loved, not only does his language fill our thoughts and his plots and themes our culture, there is something definitely afoot: “The Spanish Tragedy” by Thomas Kyd, a discovery of another First Folio in France, “discovery” of the only portrait made during Shakespeare’s lifetime, the identity of the enigmatic ‘Mr WH’ to whom the sonnets were dedicated, etc. Is the Shakespeare renaissance underway…?


This book is the story of one man obsessed with a need to amass Shakespeare’s genius in one place.


“The seed of the world-renowned Folger Shakespeare Library was sown when Emily Jordan, ‘fair in knowledge’, and Henry Folger, ‘well read in poetry and other books,’ attended a beach picnic and realized they shared a passion for Shakespeare.”


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