Energywellness Poetry: "Arranhando Armário" by Maria Rosa Pereira

Arranhando Armário - Maria Rosa Pereira

Published 2014.




Is there a thing as amateur poetry in this day and age?


Some friends of mine write and publish poetry just for the sheer joy of it.


In my view, even the great majority of poets are amateurs.


Perhaps only a tiny percentage stand a chance of getting into "serious" literary magazines, and many have no interest in doing so (I know I don't).


What does amateur poetry add to the cannon of the so-called "professional" poetry? I've always read "amateur" poetry because of its unique strengths. For starters, its aim is quite different when compared with "professional poetry". "Amateur" in itself is not a reprehensible term, and if much amateur work fails to be good poetry, the same can be said for a great deal of professional work, however astutely embellished. Moreover, in a wider scope, the great majority of all poets are amateurs since few earn a living only through their poetry writing, and even the household names usually have to supplement the money coming from publishing with teaching, editing, and reviewing.


NB2: "Arranhando Armário" = "Scratching the Closet"


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