Creating a Private Space: "Briefe an einen jungen Dichter/Cartas a Um Jovem Poeta/Letters to a Young Poet" by Rainer Maria Rilke, José Miranda Justo

CARTAS A UM JOVEM POETA - José Miranda Justo

Published 2016 (Portuguese translation and afterword by José Miranda Justo).


“Dieses vor allem: fragen Sie sich in der stillsten Stunde ihrer Nacht: ‘muss ich schreiben?’ Graben Sie in sich nach einer tiefen Antwort. Und wenn diese zustimmed lauten sollte, wenn Sie mit einem starken und einfachen ‘Ich muss’ dieser ernsten Frage begegnen dürfen, dann bauen Sie Ihr Leben nach dieser Notwendingkeit.”


This book has been my favourite book for twenty years or more. When I was attending the Goethe Institute I had access to its library which is huge. I could request any book I wanted, and the services of the Goethe library would provide me with it. It was literally manna from heaven...Consequently, I never had a copy for myself. Until now. This gorgeous edition translated from German into Portuguese (bilingual edition), produced something worth having. It's a fine addition to my German library at home. On top of that the translation is far from serviceable. Apart from this translation, I only had come into contact with the translation done by Vasco Graça Moura which is a different beast altogether.


I think the first time I wrote about Rilke was in 2008.  What more can I say that I haven’t said before? Apparently still lots remained to be said and written…


If you're into German Literature, Rilke in particular, read on.