Dass nur im Grab ich Frieden finden kann: "Poesias" by Bocage

Poesias de Manuel Maria de Barbosa Du Bocage, Tomo V - Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage

Published 1943 (the edition I got; not the one I had to use in terms of Booklikes due to the fact that these type of books have no ISBN...).


Many eons ago, I was delighted with a book selling girl behind one of the counters in a book pavilion at the Lisbon Book Fair. Because of that I wrote a poem that I gave to her. Distant times those were. To tell you the truth, the girl did not deserve that poem, and the poem itself was not that great, well, the usual. In any case, the thing went down like this: in order to have a natter with her, I bought from her this same Bocage edition that I now got from a friend. Who would have thought that many years later I’d hold this same book in my hands? As soon as I picked it up, memories came flooding back. I still remember almost being taken from a thief as I perused books at her bookstand, touching them without really looking at them while at the same I kept looking at her eyes that could be seen from any place in the fair, as a “model like you’re…but oh sadness!”.



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