Cancer-Treblinka-Love-Fuck-Death: “The Summer of Kim Novak” by Håkan Nesser

The Summer of Kim Novak - Håkan Nesser

"After my father had suggested that we might spend the summer together, I realized I didn't actually know anything about him. I knew what everyone knew: his father read girlie mags, and he was born with six toes on each foot.”


In “The Summer of Kim Novak” by Håkan Nesser



The first time I discovered Scandinavian Crime Fiction was when I bought 3 books in German (that’s why I always associate Scandinavian fiction with German) at an airport book-stand. What did I buy? 3 novels by Mankell, Nesser and Indridason (see pictures on my blog regarding my German library; mind you, it's just a taste...). Those were my first loves. Before that I’d only Hamsun in English (“Hunger”). I still remember a very heated discussion at the British Council with a fellow student concerning Hamsun and his Nazi sympathies. I read Hunger when I was very young and going through my existentialist phase in life. I thought at the time it was quite a brilliant book, the translation was masterful and I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time. It still is. 


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