Move-Without-Moving-Feet Trick: "Shakespeare's Globe on Screen Twelfth Night" Play Review


This is one of the productions that showed me what the Globe is for. I'm an unashamed fan of this theatre, which took a decade or so to overcome unjustified sneering from much of the profession. It's been the best thing to happen in Shakespearean theatre and possibly all English theatre in the last two decades. With zero public subsidy it has taken extraordinary risks. Both Rylance and Dromgoole have brought a streak of inventive madness to the project. I’ve never had the pleasure to attend a live performance of Sam Wanamaker’s theatre. While I don’t do that, sometimes I have the chance to watch a play from the Globe, either on TV or on DVD. On April the 23rd, being the date what it was and being in a hotel room, I was frantically zapping all available TV channels trying find some stuff on Shakespeare on TV, and I stumbled upon this Rylance’s production (on RTP2, the state channel, of all places…).


If you're into Shakespeare, read on.