The Last Roman Dur: "The Mahé Circle" by Georges Simenon

The Mahé Circle (Penguin Modern Classics) - Georges Simenon

Published 2014 (in English)

Back in the day I did a year of French. My teacher was a native speaker. You’d think that this would make her fun and interesting, right? You couldn’t be more wrong! All she did was drill us on grammar, and I couldn’t even understand what she was saying half the time. She just expected me to automatically know the language as if I’d already lived in France for years. I was always procrastinating doing French stuff, and she was always expecting me to write and memorize a huge bunch of sentences in a language that I hardly knew, and then repeat it back to her. She totally turned me off to the French language. I started hating everything remotely connected with French and France in particular. I know not all French people are awful, cruel, soulless people, and that most are friendly and completely normal, and that I was just unlucky to have gotten stuck with the one person I’d be totally ok with having deported… Just saying…I’m done ranting now…That felt good.


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