2016 Pessoa Award: Frederico Lourenço


"New Hellenic and German Essays" (above-mentioned picture) was the book with which I first discovered Frederico Lourenço in 2008. At the time I was quite familiar with other distinguished Portuguese Germanists. To wit: José Gomes Monteiro, Paulo Quintela, Vasco Graça Moura, João Barrento, Viriato Soromenho Marques, and others, but I hadn't yet come across Frederico Lourenço as a Germanist. And what a surprise it was. 
What Frederico Lourenço has been doing for the Portuguese culture in the last years is huge. Portugal is the country where Paulo Coelho, Cristina Ferreira (Portuguese TV host) and José Rodrigues dos Santos (Portuguese TV host) are best seller authors!
My native language is Portuguese, and my command of English is nothing to be ashamed of, If I may say so, so I read English authors in the original. When I can get them in English; sometimes I will have to buy (or get gifted) a German or Portuguese  translation - some of which will anger me no end, after I've spotted one or two completely false idiom translations, which make nonsense of a sentence... It's a strange, but proud feeling to be able to recognise the (ghost of the) original English idiom or phrase which has been replaced with a false one - but it does wreck a book for me. That's one of the reasons for reading the works worth reading in the original, be it English or German.
If you're into German and translation as an Art form, read on.