Grittier and Darker Star Wars Spin-off: "Rogue One" by Gareth Edwards


People talk about the Star Wars style but without deviating we'd never have got "The Empire Strikes Back" would we? People talk about the Star Wars style as though it was always destined to be and eternally defined by the original. What amazed the young me then won't amaze the old me now. People focus too much on the characteristics that make it what it is rather than the fact it was that the combination was so fresh and exciting and it is that surprise element that enraptured people. I don't like the way nostalgia is lazily leaned on. When they made Star Wars, like any film, so much is accidental, unplanned, Lucas had ideas and then through the creative process they evolved, people added their own quirks, things changed. There is no need to worship every element that combines to make it what it is. There was a saying about early 00s Radiohead that they weren't creating what I wanted but creating what I didn't realise I wanted. Some people can't move beyond a 90s sound they associate with their youth, it conjures up memories, but Radiohead just became more Radiohead, and it was a natural progression rather than a desperate one other bands can fall into.  


If you're into SF and Star Wars in particular, read on.