Minor SF Movie: "Blade Runner 2049" by Denis Villeneuve, Ridley Scott


As much as everyone should respect the unbelievable amount of hard work needed to bring to life such a world, I've found it disappointing. I had just watched the original, before going for Blade Runner 2049. At the beginning I appreciated the fact that the movie was apparently trying to give time to the spectator to get immersed in the new world. Not even the original gave out many details about the background of the action: what's happened to Earth, what's the overall condition of Replicants, who really are the characters. Leaving a number of things to imagination is good, when it's done in a balanced way. I don't care to know who (or what) Deckard really is as long as the movie provides me with sufficient hints to guess and to actually appreciate not just the truth but how much and in what ways the truth takes its toll on the characters. Under this respect, K is really a character for which I felt sorry. But at a certain point during the movie, one gets the annoying feeling that SO MUCH is going on in the background that is crucial to the main plot lines and is ready to explode BUT of course that won't be happening in this movie. To this, people and critics may replay that 'the focus of the movie is something else'.



If you're into SF, read on.