Samsung Steps Challenge: Desert (April)


Participants: 1 319 304 (from all over the world)
Place:16 234th (first 2%)
Number of steps: 572 219

In my 20s, I used to run a lot. When I say a lot, I MEAN A LOT!! I'd go for 10 km runs before breakfast. Why? Because running was fun (still is). I suspect that most people who enjoy running don't sit down first to work through the comparative health benefits but instead just put their shoes on and go. As fast as they can. I stopped running when my left knee got busted up. Instead I took up walking (second best game in town).
I used to think if I didn't run, really hard, for at least 40 minutes I was wasting time. But after stopping training and putting on weight I decided to walk. Nothing too brisk. More importantly I just felt more relaxed and realised my mind and body really looked forward to those walks.
The major dilemma for automobile users who can't be bothered to exercise by walking up to the shops, is whether to walk or run to the car. I think running would prove the more effective in such short distances. For others who are too lazy to go outside at all, it might be good for them to walk or run to the bathroom (after making sure the floor is dry though), or to the clothes-line and back. This could save billions in the cost of treating heart disease (but perhaps more in treating domestic accidents).Anyway, the overall benefits for all lazy people everywhere is potentially massive (bigger than their fat arse).
If you're into running/walking, read on.