Best of my blog: 12 years, 801 posts, and 177K hits later


11 years are a goner... Now it's time for the best of my blog: 12 years, 801 posts, and 137 K hits later [in one year I wrote 171 posts (801-630 = 171 posts), and this blog you're reading had around 40K views (177K-137K = 40K)].
As I stated in 2017, blogging is the one thing in life I did before it went mainstream in 2004 (the blog you're reading exists since 04.08.2006; before that I'd two other blogs: the first in 2004, in Portuguese, no longer exists; the second, in German, still exists). I can’t say that about anything else at all. In fact, I’m usually behind the times, but blogging — blogging is something I loved the minute I found out about it. I've been a content creator all my life. I can't remember a time where I didn't want to create something. 
If you're into stuff like this, read on.