Working-Class Fiction: "The Rainbow" by D. H. Lawrence

The Rainbow - Daphne Merkin,  D.H. Lawrence

(Original Review, 2002-06-10)

Lawrence is "uneven," but of the four novels I've read by him, "The Rainbow" is the best. I read "Sons and Lovers" at the British Council. I loved it at 15, but loved it far less 2 years later. I liked "Lady Chatterley's Lover" more than I thought I would, but that maybe because of all the scorn I'd heard poured on it before I read the book. I read "The Rainbow" before I read "Women in Love", and found the first of the diptych far superior to the second. Women in Love often seemed to me to read like Lawrence at his overblown, blood flowing, loin thrusting worst.




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