Cold Killing - Luke Delaney

This book is more convoluted than a writhing snake...

The gimmick of the book is the fact that the main detective has the ability to put himself in the killer's shoes, and sort of empathizing with him. I think I've never came across something remotely similar.

Apart from its convoluted nature (inline with today's Crime Fiction standards), I've kind of liked it, but with some reservations. The author, new to me, took some well-trodden ground, and wrought havoc with my expectations.

The plotting is excellent, the narrative convoluted and sparky at times . He weaved his cast with the hand of an artisan and created a set of convincing protagonists. There’s a rich density to the layering of points-of-view, but the most unsettling feature of the book is the author's use of first-person-narration amongst various third-persons’ (victims, police, suspects), making the overall effect quite effective.

The pervasive use of the "I" pronoun in the book, without identifying the source of the voice made me start doubting my initial assumptions about the culprit.

The bad part for me was the palpable artificiality. I felt I was being lead in one direction, and then, all of a sudden, another red herring, to plant the seeds of doubt. This happened several times, putting me out of the story in consequence.