Never Go Back: A Jack Reacher Novel - Lee Child

Child has outdone himself. Probably his best novel to date.

I think no one, in his right mind, values Child for the quality of his prose, as I stated in another review (High Heat).

In his entire body of work, it's quite difficult to find noteworthy prose.

The question we should put forth is: Why then is Lee Child's books compulsive reading? Is it for the well-drawn characters? Is it for the compactness of the prose? Is it for the plots? (Does anyone remember them after a while...?)

No, to all of the above. Story-telling is the keyword here. I call this the unputdownable factor. Child's books have plenty of that!

Should this be classified as a guilty pleasure? Not really. For me Child's books are just stuff I enjoy despite their flaws.

Reacher rules. Bland page-turners they surely are, but they're no doubt great fun.