Gun Machine - Warren Ellis My first contact with Warren Ellis.

When I started reading the book I only knew that the movie “Red” with Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren was based on a book written by him. Apart from that I had no idea who Warren Ellis was (now I know...), that is, what kind of books he'd written, what his Weltanschauung was, etc, etc.
What a fantastic book. "Visceral" is the word that comes to mind after having finished it. Hard-boiled fiction of the highest calibre.

One the things that I really liked was his ability to make the main character, Tallow, make his realisations and advancements at the same moments as me the reader. There is no tiresome wait for the main character to realise what is really going on.

While reading it, I also kept thinking about one the best books I've read in 2012, "A Dark and Broken Heart" by R. J. Ellory. Both books impart the same gritty, shitty reality. Ellis also has a knack to make the most pedestrian scene or set of events pop off the page like it’s some secret history in the making. We get the feeling that something lurks under the surface. It's quite palpable and it's one hell of an experience.

Also on the plus side was the fact that it wasn't filed with the usual twists and turns so in vogue nowadays. Once you realize where the novel is headed you won’t be wholly surprised it went there. But what a ride it was!

One other thing that popped R. J. Ellory into my mind was the fully fleshed characters in the book: Tallow, Scarly, Bat, the Hunter,...

In my mind what remained after I finished it was not the story in itself, compelling as it was, but the quality and verve in Ellis’ prose.

"Crooked Little Vein" is already on the top of my 2013 TBR pile...