iWoz - Steve Wozniak, Gina Smith Well, as far as a biography goes, there isn’t all that much and what there is, is only adding to the impression of a somewhat disjointed personality.

The impression this book left me was an attempt to set the record straight, which is never a good thing in a biography.

Writing-wise the book is awful. Repetition ad nauseam, boasting, etc. We don't really get to know the man behind all those achievements, that is, the universal remote control, Apple I, Apple II, Apple III (Ahem, sorry, my mistake, this one was "invented" by a committe lead by Steve Jobs, ah ah).

If you're really interested to know the Wozniak's personal take on the "invention" of the personal computer, go ahead and read it. If not, there's already a all bunch of information on the web, where the record is already straight... Stick to it.