"Promised Land" by Robert B. Parker

Promised Land - Robert B. Parker



Right after reading "The Adjacent" by Christopher Priest, I was in need of another fix of one of my favourite gumshoes... Spenser!


Rationing the three series that's what it is (smile).


What can I say that hasn't been said already?

What I've always found fascinating is Parker's ability to write by the scene, instead of relying on far-fetched plots. And the dialog. Don't get me started on it. Dialog is the heart of Parker's novels without a doubt. There's not a "voice" like Spenser's. Spenser's book move forward by just the sheer force of the dialog!


In order not to lose momentum, I think I'll reader another one just after "The Promised Land": "The Judas Goat" (the 5th Spenser).