reviewed: Mechasm: "The Reproductive System" by John Sladek
(Original Review, 1980-08-18)A few years back, I picked up John Sladek's "Mechasm" as part of a special series of "forgotten ...
The Reproductive System - John Sladek
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reviewed: Beams of Energy: "Waldo & Magic" by Robert A. Heinlein
(Original Review, 1980-08-21)My chief objection to models which suggest we will be much better off with satellites beaming do...
Waldo and Magic, Inc - Robert A. Heinlein
reviewed: Minimum of Bloodshed: "Dorsai!" by Gordon R. Dickson
(Original Review, 1980-08-24)On the question of Dickson's Dorsai or Childe cycle: I understand that originally there were to ...
Dorsai! - Gordon R. Dickson
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November 2018
reviewed: R(t) = sqrt(r**2+dr**2-2*r*dr*cos(t)): "Ringworld" by Larry Niven
(Original Review, 1980-08-26)A short analysis of the (in)stability of a Ringworld (digging deeper into the Math):Let the Ring...
The Ringworld Engineers - Larry Niven
Having fun carrying out the tasks. Using different patterns of snowflakes as marker. One snowflake = 1 point. Some of t...
by Grady Hendrix Kris Pulaski was a rock star who almost made it, but now she lives paycheck to paycheck at a boring (if sh...
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reviewed: Pak: "The World or Ptavvs" by Larry Niven
(Original Review, 1980-08-25)In response to the idea that perhaps the Pak were actually tnuctip, I think it very unlikely. Th...
World of Ptavvs - Larry Niven
reviewed: Non-Sexist Rip-Roaring SF: "The Number of the Beast" by Robert A. Heinlein
(Original Review, 1980-08-31)Robert Heinlein's agent had hoped to get $1 million for his latest novel, "The Number of the Bea...
The Number of the Beast - Robert A. Heinlein
reviewed: Hold a Universe Together: "Flatlander" by Larry Niven
(Original Review, 1980-09-04)Niven has linked many of the Known Space stories with genealogy.In "World of Ptavvs" and some ot...
Flatlander - Larry Niven
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WELCOME TO THE SHOW is a themed anthology with all of the stories revolving around, (or involving in some way), a rock n' rol...
A bit of light reading when I've had enough of writing.
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