Shit, This Thing Is Selling Millions: "Persuader" by Lee Child

— feeling dribble
Persuader - Lee Child

Published 2004.


I’m taking two risks here by writing this review. The first risk sounds repetitive. I have the distinct impression that I’ve written about this in several of my previous texts. The second risk might be because you might incur a waste of my (and your) time by reading this diatribe. After reading one more Reacher book, I just had to write (again) about this.


Imagine the following dialogue with the author of this text: “Shit, this thing is selling millions. Anyone of us could have written it. I don’t believe we can put Lee Child on the same shelf along with some of Mervyn Peake's books, sadly being eaten away by moths.”


I agree that Peake's prose is much more enticing than Child’s or Meyer’s. Peake's reflections have much more inner depth. This would tempt us to say that Peake “has” more inherent quality than Child or Stephanie Meyer.


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