The Sweet Swan of Avon: "Shakespeare Beyond Doubt - Evidence, Argument, Controversy" by Paul Edmondson, Stanley Wells

Shakespeare Beyond Doubt - Stanley Wells, Paul Edmondson

Published 2013.


Disclaimer: I do firmly believe that William Shakespeare wrote the plays and poems attributed to him, and some of them in tandem with his fellow playwrights.


The keep an open mind argument really grates on me as it implies something is wrong with those who don't agree. I'm quite capable of analyzing data and discarding faulty propositions. I have done a lot of reading and research on this issue and there is 100% nothing to it. The entire argument is based on either making untrue statements or by revealing incomplete or out of context information and thereby making something sound compelling which is not in reality meaningful. For example, there is no extant written document in his hand other than signatures on several documents. What extant plays, letters, diaries exist for other playwrights of the day? Other than Ben Jonson there is almost nothing. One possible signature in Marlowe's hand (spelled Marley) and one possible scrap of paper with a few lines from a play on it.


Read on, if you feel so inclined.