Iceland in the 70s: "Oblivion" by Arnaldur Indridason

Oblivion - Arnaldur Indridason

Published 2015.


Who’s Marion? I wasn’t able to determine whether Marion was male or female.  All indications of gender are absent, and because of that, the developing relationship between Marion and Caroline became more interesting than it might otherwise have been. The dynamics of the two characters don’t really shed light on it. Do they bond as they do because both are women in a largely male society (the time is the late 70s)? If one assumes Marion to be male, are we to see him as unusually devoid of the patronizing attitude toward women typical of the time? There seems to be little flirting between them if Marion is male, but quite a bit more if female. It's all interesting enough to make me nostalgic at never having learned Icelandic.


You won’t find car chases, hanky-panky, and drunk detectives. Sorry. I know I shouldn't drop all these spoilers, but sometimes I can't help myself…