E = hv: "God Created the Integers - The Mathematical Breakthroughs That Changed History" by Stephen Hawking

God Created the Integers: The Mathematical Breakthroughs that Changed History - Stephen Hawking

(Original Review, 2005)

Random thoughts while attempting to read the book (the edition is shitty: it's full of typos)

In EM theory, which is Lorentz invariant, there's a relation between the magnitudes of the E and B fields for light (not if you use Planck units. The magnitudes of c and h tell you nothing about physics, but a lot about biology. I don't claim that's original, BTW. I'm trying to recall who said it first, Monod or Schrödinger, E/B = c. That's quite a magnitude difference of the E over the B already. So if you could gradually increase c the structure of a light beam changes radically. But the reason for c is probably tied to quantum vacuum properties so you've got changes there too. In fact I would find it entirely reasonable not to expect invariance in E and/or B while the early universe was trying to sort out its equilibrium conditions during falling out of the gravitational, electromagnetic, weak forces just after the BB.


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