Wolves and Campfires: Grimms Märchen by Die Brüder Grimm

Grimms Märchen. Gesamtausgabe - 'Jacob Grimm',  'Wilhelm Grimm'

(Original Review, 2005-11-30)

In Genesis there is suddenly this sentence/observation about giants walking the Earth in them days... I always see those elderly male Jews in Babylon, staring glumly at some campfire, thinking about the good old days and thinking up revengeful plans to smite the enemy. They tell the stories of their tribes but there is that one quite senile idiot always going on about 'them giants' - so in the end they say, "Okay, we WILL put them in. Now shut up already!" I can see myself being the Giant Guy (if more all over the place) and I'm not sure the good campfire folks here need the distraction...




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