The Juggernaut: "Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften" by Robert Musil

Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften: Band 1: Erstes und Zweites Buch. Band 2: Aus dem Nachlaß: 2 Bände. - Robert Musil

(Original Review, 2007-05-05)

I've long waited for someone explain to me what the criteria are to select the best fiction out there. I know when I like a book or when others like a book, yet critics and intellectually sophisticated people often talk about books as if one can assess their value objectively, going beyond mere preference. Yet, mysteriously, the criteria by which literacy value is to be assessed are never stated with sufficient precision so that they can actually be applied. This article is a case in point. Even though saying exactly what literary value is would be of extraordinary importance to make the point the author wants to. In the absence of any solid and justifiable philosophy underpinning assessments of literary value, I fear we have to take pronouncements on what's good and what's bad as a form of virtue signalling in certain circles.



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