SallyAnne Test: "Self Comes to Mind - Constructing the Conscious Brain" by António R. Damásio

Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain - Antonio R. Damasio

(Original Review, 2010-11-15)

I think that if you look at the internet and the World Wide Web it gives some insight on what Damásio’s book is all about. On the one hand you have the network of servers and cabling and input and output devices and on the other you have the network of websites. We know that the latter sits on the former but you can tell very little about one network from the other. When you look at this webpage, for example, it looks like a single, though quite complex, entity but the annoying advert down the right hand side, for example, may sit on a server on a different continent from the text that you are reading and the photograph on yet another.
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